Year 10

Transcendental Experience and Experience

With our young and dynamic staff who are experts in their field, we reach sales targets in measurable and most efficient ways by wrapping your brand 360 degrees at sales points.

Dozens of Satisfied Customers

Hundreds of Successful Applications

We are justifiably proud of the sustainable success stories we have written together with our local and global customers who are the leaders in the sector.

Innovative and Technological Solutions

By developing projects with our innovative, original and sectoral ideas, we use these projects to solve possible problems or for technological improvements


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İnovatif ve teknolojik çözümler, yenilikçi düşünce ve ileri teknoloji kullanımını bir araya getirerek ortaya çıkan sorunlara veya ihtiyaçlara yönelik cevaplardır.

Kit Group

As KIT GROUP, we provide comprehensive services in the field of commercial marketing to our business partners with our extensive experience accumulated in the sector for more than ten years and our innovative sales-oriented solutions. We aim to add value to our customers with a wide range of services such as end-to-end sales management, investment analysis, payroll and budget management, human resources.

The sustainable success stories we have written together with our local and global customers, who are in a leading position in our sector, constitute one of the cornerstones of our corporate identity. The high caliber professionals of our company, with its young and dynamic staff specialized in their fields, reflect our customer-oriented approach at every stage and ensure that brands achieve their goals.

Our "Tailor Made" online reporting system, which can be designed for the customized needs of our customers, operates in a wide range from point-to-point investment analysis to detailed performance measurements. This system contributes to our business partners to gain a competitive advantage by providing a solid basis for making strategic decisions.

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Project Manager

Kit Group



We manage our most valuable services with our professional team.